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SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH is one of the leading system integrators in Germany in the fields of DataCenter Infrastructure. The company - founded in 1997 and based in Wiesbaden/Germany - by now has more than 710 employees at 16 branch offices all over Germany.

The corporate objective of SVA is the combination of high quality IT products of different vendors with the project know-how and flexibility of SVA to achieve optimum solutions for customers. SVA core subjects are not only High Availability and High Scalability SAN Architectures but also Data Security and Disaster Recovery as well as Virtualization Technologies in the area of servers, desktop and storage. In addition, SVA is offering Consulting, On-Site and Remote Services.

SVA has reached the most important certification levels e. g. with the following partners: IBM Germany, Hitachi Vantara, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, EMC, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and Nutanix.


Foundation 1997
Headquarters Wiesbaden, Germany
Number of employees 710
Certification Qualitymanagement under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Awards Bestes Systemhaus 2014-17 /Best system house 2014-17 (Computerwoche/Channelpartner)
Bester Mittelstandsdienstleister IT 2015 and 2016 /Best IT service provider for small and medium sized businesses 2015 and 2016 (Wirtschaftswoche)


Philipp Alexander

Graduate engineer,
sales and finance

Sven Eichelbaum

Business economist,
products and services

Advisory Board

Felix Alexander


SVA Solution Center

The certfied Solution Center of SVA in Wiesbaden provides SVA expertes and customers with a broad set of demonstration, development and education scenarios with the most important up-to-date hardware and software solutions of the SVA partners.

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SVA Products


SVA has developed an innovative and groundbreaking tool for the administration of SAN storage: Business Volume Qualicision (BVQ), an intelligent solution for optimum storage administration according to business demands.

Link to external BVQ Website

Integrative Disaster Revovery (IDR)

SVA Integrative Disaster Recovery (IDR) offers a software and analysis solution which systematically captures and analyses the process complexity in possible disasters and accordingly optimises the disaster recovery process.

More information in German - PDF Download


SVA Liberyse is a modern, scalable platform for archiving data from various sources, abiding legal and IT compliance standards.

More information here at the Liberyse website


The modular, CE conform SVA medPower provides hospitals and other health care providers with a practical and flexible telemedicine solution to attend to chronically ill patients telemedically at home - simple, secure and efficient with existing staff.

Link to Health Care solution in German

More information in German - PDF Download



Modern data centers have to face changes – the exploding growth of different data often leads to cloud architectures or Software Defined Storage. Virtualisation technologies are part of future storage strategies as well as cost sensitive management, efficiency, intelligent file service solutions and netzworks. Flash, block or tape storage - a good storage system operates flexibly, scalably and uninterruptibly but also takes economic aspects into account. A high level of automation and redundance remains importan. Only experts with a broad know-how - like SVA specialists - are able to design individual storage solutions, matching the specific demand of each customer, independent of vendors.


Future datacenter infrastructures have to be able to provide optimum platforms for analytics, development, BigData and Cloud for various types of enterprises. In addition, modern server systems are usually connected to networks and storage solutions and help to achive strategic company objectives.

Whether Intel, Power, Mainframe or High Performance servers - vendors offer server systems for every company requirement. SVA experts provide highly specialized know-how and, at the same time, cooperate closely with other specialists and with customers to gain a broad perspective and to create server solutions for individual demands.


Business Continuity comprises all processes and ressources which are necessary to keep the business processes of a company going. In most companies these processes cannot work anymore without IT. SVA offers specialized IT solutions and support for the implementation of disaster-tolerant infrastructures, data security and high availability. Furthermore, SVA support companies in introducing a Disaster Recovery Strategy and provides experienced experts for testing and trainings.


Data security and availability in data centers is not only based on highly performant and top quality equipment with network components, but also on comprising protection and on the availability of the supplying systems. SVA focusses on highly scalable networks and security solutions which offer an excellent cost-performance ratio as well as long-term investment protection. Longtime experience in planning, implementation and operation of complex data center infrastructures and SVA services support customers with the implementation of critical business processes - no matter whether in the cloud or in their own data centers.


A Software Defined Datacenters significantly increases the value proposition of IT in a company, strengthens security, boosts availability and a quicker provision of services and reduces operation costs. A datacenter concept based on software abstracts datacenter ressources such as CPU, memory, storage and networks from hardware and allows companies to develop applications and services more flexible and change and provide them any time. Experienced SVA experts with years of practice provide consulting, concepts and design to chance datacenters into IT as a Service.


Highly qualified SVA health care experts offer optimum IT infrastructures and solutions for modern health care demands: On one hand, SVA provides clinic datacenters with IT infrastructures in close cooperation with the most important vendors. Furthermore, SVA offers data security, quick and location-independent data access, interface management and secure long-time archiving of big data as well as patient information for telemedical patient care.


To cope with the change from a classic cost-driven IT department to a service-oriented IT service provider, concentrating on business values, SVA supports customers with a concept based on ITIL Best Practices. SVA structures, implements and automatizes IT operations with ITIL principles which are oriented towards individual business processes: IT Service Management.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a concept for the integration of all information which occur during the product lifecycle. With PLM, processes, methods and tools help to get the necessary infrastructure to provide information at the right time in the needed quality. This has become a business critical success factor in systems engineering as well as in classic software development. A consistent lifecycle management allows a better project transparence and traceability and decisions based on critical success factors.


With the location in Berlin, SVA provides a branch office especially for customers from the fields of public authorities. The experts maintain a long term, intense business relationship with public customers - with special focus on federal and regional agencies as well as town councils, pension insurances, trade associations and social security.

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